Our doctors will be able to fit most patients in a contact lens, no matter what the condition. Our doctors can evaluate you for contact lenses for the following conditions and more!
– Myopia (near sightedness)
– Hyperopia (far sightedness)
– Presbyopia (needing reading, progress, or bifocal glasses)
– Keratoconus
– Corneal injuries
– Corneal transplant
– Corneal scarring
– Post LASIK or PRK
– Ortho K lenses (overnight corneal molding so you don’t have to wear correction during the day)
– Dry eyes

Our doctors utilize the latest lens designs to give you the best vision
– Soft Contact Lenses
– Toric Contact Lenses (to correct astigmatism)
– Multifocal Contact lenses (allows you to see far and near)
– Color Contact Lenses
– Hybrid contact lenses

– Scleral contact lenses

– Gas Permeable contact lenses